Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Congratulations. But I don't get it... who the fuck is going to watch a web series?

This from someone who is pretty well versed in the "entertainment biz". They said, since they weren't in our targeted 18-35 male audience, they didn't get The Bannen Way and our concept for a slick, sexy, fast-paced web series. I tried, for about an hour, to explain the concept, my plan and the dream. No go, they got totally lost and by the end of the conversation were less than impressed with the whole venture and ended the conversation with a bewildered look and, "Why don't you just sell as a TV Series?"

That was about two months ago. They recently contacted me to discuss once again, how we sold the web series. They were now impressed and interested. One of their clients wants to do a web series and  asked if I had any ideas or suggestions.  I said, "I don't know, really a web series... is that really worth it? Why not just sell it as TV?" I then then let them pitch me the upside of doing it as a web series.

God, taking the piss out of people is definitely not overrated...

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